“I used the big search engines and business listing websites that were famous and I thought, trustworthy,  Boy, was I surprised at the quality of some of the businesses on those lists  I did some research and found out that there was little to no research done on those businesses.  Those websites just wanted to make as much money as they could so they listed almost anyone.  Two famous websites told me that as long as a business had no criminal record and no bankruptcy, they would list them.  Hardly the criteria I used when I was looking for a painter, a plumber or a dentist.  Bob.City researches each business that applies for a listing.  If their reputation is not solid for quality and reliability, we don’t list them.  Now you can find businesses knowing you are hiring the better or best in your city. And if you still like using other specialty services, make sure you use Bob.City to double check!!”

Mike Norton – founder of Bob.City